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Digital Signature

Configure Digital Signature


  1. An installer will be shared to client which they need to install on their machine.
  2. Installer will be containing the Web Socket server (emSigner.exe), 1.6 JRE 32-bit and other required library files.
  3. A shortcut of the emSigner.exe will be placed on the Desktop.
  4. The client needs to run the emSigner.exe shortcut to start the server.
  5. If the emSigner installer is not bundled with JRE, the client machine should be installed with JRE 1.6u38 version (32-bit) & above.
  6. To Download latest version of JRE please click here.

Steps to install & run Web Socket:


  1. Install the emSigner.msi installer in the system.
  2. Default installation location will be "C:\Program Files\eMudhra Limited\emSigner\".User can save it in any location of the system
  3. emSigner shortcut will be created in the Desktop
  4. Run the emSigner shortcut to start the server.
  5. The emSigner UI will be minimized to system tray once it’s started.
  6. The emSigner server will be started on default port 8080; if the port is busy then it will be restarted on different port.
  7. The installed folder (i.e. default location: C:\Program Files\eMudhraLimited\emSigner\)contains the docs folder which contains property file & sample html file.
  8. Property file includes the input parameters to be passed to WebSocket with action to be performed & Sample html file contains script to call the methods.

Browser Compatibility

Browser Supported Version
Internet Explorer 10.0 and above
Firefox 6.0 and above
Chrome 16.0 and above
Safari 6.0 and above
Opera 12.1 and above
Microsoft Edge Since first version

Operating System